I’ve been playing computer games as far back as i can remember. My first computer in Yugoslavia ran on tapes, and i mean audiotapes, and a weekly radio show broadcast a game, that you could tape and then play on this computer. I wish i knew what it was called, when i find out i’ll edit the name in. Soon after, when i was 7, my family moved to America, where my dad had been living with my uncle, a professor who taught computer science at the local college. That said, i had a computer right when we got to our new home, and my dad and uncle showed me a bunch of computer games. Since then, Ihave been playing video games. My early favorites, that I can remember now to name, were Doom, Descent and Commander Keen. After that, Warcraft 2 got me more serious with gaming, leading me to Starcraft, Half-Life and Diablo, all of which accounted to losing weeks of my life.

Mainly, I consider myself a PC gamer, not to say I don’t play console games as well. I got started with a Sega Genesis, then i had a Game Gear, which Itraded for a Game Boy to play Pokemon on when it came out. After that, i had a Playstation, then a PS2 and Dreamcast, then i was broke for a few years, sharing my brother’s Gamecube, until, most recently i got a Nintendo DS and a PS3. I usually come back to World of Warcraft and some strategy game and valve shooter, no matter what new games I have. For instance, I am always up for Sins of a Solar Empire, Company of Heroes or any valve shooter. Also, I seem to play Burnout: Paradise every few days, when I have the opportunity to game and don’t feel like sitting at the computer.

I am a Computer Engineering student at the University of Illinois, I plan to graduate soon, and hope to get a job in software engineering, more on the systems side. If I find some free time, I am currently trying to learn C# to program games, however it’s dwindling lately. I also really love photography, and i’m currently trying to find enough money to buy a DSLR to replace my trusty Nikon FE. In case anyone wants to donate a Nikon D60 or D80 in good condition, please send an email.


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